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Moodygames Online Private Limited is one of the leading mobile games company headquartered in Chandigarh, which is engaged in acquisition of, providing online platform for gaming across India. Moodygames Online Private Limited is an Independent online gaming company providing the finest digital games like Tambola quiz , Quiz games etc to players in India. Moodygames is an active family- owned company, committed to providing leisure-time entertainment and gaming fun, true to our motto “ More than a game”.


The Tournament feature of the Tambola game is an exciting feature of the game. Players can buy the game slots and can participate in the ongoing tournaments and play with different players across the world. One player can play with atmost one slot each day and win the exciting prizes.The player also earn coins through the achievements gained.

Party Play

The Party play is the best feature of the Tambola game. The party play is a fun activityas the players can play a private game with their families and friends.The intiator can create a game by buying a particular slot and gets a unique code , other friends or family members can join using the same unique code.

Spin & Win

Spin & Win rewards daily bonuses for the players. Try your luck and spin the wheel and earn bonus coins daily. You can win upto 1000 coins daily although the wheel can spin only once in a day. These bonus coins give a boost to a player's game history.

Quick Play

Quick play, quick fun!! Press the quick play button and join the game instantly and have a fun time gaming. In this you play with other online players but if the online users are less than six then the bot plays as an opponent. You can claim the top, middle, bottom line ,early seven and full house rewards by striking the number that appears on the screen.


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Witness the Grand launch Party of Tambola Quiz by Moody Games at Peohwa on 17th May 2018.

A glimpse into the launch event of Tambola Quiz by Moody Games.

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